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Conservation Program

The Abilene zoo participates in and supports a variety of conservation programs.  One example is the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s (AZA) Species Survival Plan programs.  The mission of an AZA Species Survival Plan® (SSP) is to manage and conserve a select and typically threatened or endangered captive population of a certain species. There are currently more than 115 AZA SSP Programs, each of which is responsible for developing a Master Plan that identifies population management goals and recommendations to ensure the sustainability of a healthy, genetically diverse, and demographically varied population. The Abilene Zoo proudly participates in the SSP program for the following species.

  1.  African lion
  2. Angolan Colobus
  3. Attwater’s prairie chicken
  4. Black rhino
  5. Jaguar
  6. Ocelot
  7. Panamanian golden frogs (A. zeteki)
  8. Ring-tailed lemur
  9. Spider monkey

In addition, the Abilene Zoo also participates in numerous AZA  Population Management Plans. The mission of an AZA Population Management Plan (PMP) Program is to manage and conserve non-threatened or endangered captive populations. There are currently over 300 PMP Programs, each of which is responsible for developing Population Management Breeding and Transfer Recommendations that identify population management goals and recommendations that will ensure the sustainability of a healthy, genetically diverse, and demographically varied population.  The Abilene Zoo proudly participates in the PMP program for the following species.

  1.  Arizona ridge-nose rattlesnake
  2. Armenian viper
  3. Blue-bellied roller
  4. Burrowing owl
  5. Bushmaster
  6. Coahuilan box turtle
  7. Caribbean flamingo
  8. Collared peccary
  9. Hyena, Spotted
  10. Kinkajou
  11. Leaf-tailed gecko (U. henkeli)
  12. Meerkat
  13. Mexican beaded lizard
  14. Mexican lance head rattlesnake
  15. Ocellate mountain viper
  16. Pancake tortoise
  17. Philippine palm viper
  18. Plains zebra
  19. Puma
  20. Red crested cardinal
  21. Red kneed tarantula
  22. Reticulated giraffe
  23. Ringtail
  24. Secretary bird
  25. Taylor’s Cantil vipers
  26. Trumpeter hornbill
  27. Turquoise tanager
  28. Vulturine guinea fowl

Through the Abilene Zoo Conservation Fund, financial support is provided to reputable organizations that perform a variety of conservation based activities, research and support.  These organizations include:

Turtle Survival Alliance
The TSA is a global partnership of individuals, zoos, aquariums, biologists and researchers who have joined together to help conserve threatened and endangered tortoise and turtles.

International Crane Foundation
The International Crane Foundation (ICF) works worldwide to conserve cranes and the wetland and grassland ecosystems on which they depend. ICF is dedicated to providing experience, knowledge, and inspiration to involve people in resolving threats to these ecosystems.

Cougar fund
The Cougar Fund protects the cougar (also known as a mountain lion, puma or panther) throughout the Americas by educating children and adults on the value of mountain lions, by funding and promoting the use of sound science, and by monitoring state policies to assure a lasting place for this graceful creature.

Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ CEF
The AZA Conservation Endowment Fund provides critical financial support to conservation, research, and education priorities that are viewed as high-quality and priority projects by peers in amphibian conservation, animal health, animal welfare, conservation education, field conservation and/or reintroduction, management and/or breeding, and research. 

International Rhino Fund
The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) is dedicated to the survival of the world’s rhino species through conservation and research.

Zoo Conservation Outreach Group
Zoo Conservation Outreach Group (ZCOG) is a non-profit coalition of North American zoological facilities dedicated to assisting Latin American zoos and aquariums in their regional wildlife and habitat conservation efforts.

African People & Wildlife Fund
The African People & Wildlife Fund (APW) works to conserve Africa’s wildlife, protect their natural habitats, and to promote village development through innovative, multidisciplinary strategies that emphasize coexistence with the natural world.


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